Pasta With Paxil Sauce?

Flickr/ Science World Report. The results were published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

Dr. Michel Lucas, the lead researcher of the study, couldn't explain the exact reason for the adverse effect of carbohydrates on the body's immune system and psychological health, or the apparent link between inflammation and depression. But he did recommend consuming food and drinks like fish, olive oil, wine and fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables and carrots, which could aid in improving inflammation and mood. The so-called "Mediterranean diet," heavy in olive oil as well as fish and vegetables, has been linked to lower rates of depression, according to Prevention.

On the plus side, the study doesn't say you have to forgo pasta entirely, which would really be depressing. If you're feeling glum, pasta with anchovies and olives and a glass of wine just might be the ticket.

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