Oinkster Burger Week 2014: Details of All Seven Burgers

If you love hamburgers, this is perhaps your favorite time of year: when Andre Guerrero and the folks at Oinkster gear up for their annual Burger Week, an epic weeklong celebration of the burger. This is the fourth Burger Week, taking place at the Oinkster in Eagle Rock - not the second, recently opened Oinkster in Hollywood, which will have its normal menu. 

For each of seven days, beginning on Monday, June 2, and running through Sunday, June 8, Oinkster will feature a specific new burger, available only for that day. As you might imagine, people line up not only for the burgers themselves but for the distinction of eating every one of the seven new burgers. These is called the Burger Challenge, and the people who rise to it are dubbed Burgerlords. Of course they are. 

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Last year there were apparently 235 Burgerlords, each of whom got a special T-shirt. This year, there will be a different T-shirt, of course, since these are like concert shirts for food. Your Burgerlord T-shirt, my Jack White T-shirt. (At least mine doesn't have garlic aioli on it. Yet.)

"This year the burger ideas were conceived months in advance; the first Burger Week was put together in two weeks," Guerrero told us by email. "We realized after the success of the first one that there was a lot of pressure to deliver something different and more distinctive. Each year the crowds get bigger and some of the burgers get a little crazier."

So what seven burgers can you expect this year? Guerrero and company shared the details with us. Because it's nice to be able to visualize your week's worth of food in advance, isn't it. 


The Cheesesteak Burger of Philadelphia
Available: Monday, June 2
What it is: Nebraska Angus chuck griddled with green and red peppers and onions, two slices of sharp provolone cheese on top of a Nebraska Angus patty, all served on a French burger bun.


HotBurg on a Stick:
Available: Tuesday, June 3
What it is: Two Nebraska Angus rolls stuffed with cheese, cornmeal-battered and deep-fried. On a stick. Limeade available Tuesday only.


Available: Wednesday, June 4
What it is: Duck pastrami, deep-fried chicken beast and a seasoned turkey patty topped with cherry gastrique, rosemary garlic relish and mayo on a potato bun.


The Pantera Burger
Available: Thursday, June 5
What it is: Nebraska Angus beef topped with pulled pork, bacon, deep-fried mac & cheese and garlic aioli, served on a brioche bun.

Big Max

The Big Max
Available: Friday, June 6
Two Nebraska Angus beef patties, pickles, shredded lettuce, cheese and onions on a double bun with sesame seeds.


The Smoinkster
Available: Saturday, June 7
Angus patty infused with smoke, applewood-smoked bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, smoked white onion, smoked ketchup and fried pickles on a kaiser bun.

Lucy Goosey
Available: Sunday, June 8
What it is: Nebraska Angus beef patty stuffed with a mixture of cheeses, griddled onions and Juicy Lucy spread on a seedless bun.

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