Windrose Farm's winter luxury pumpkins
Windrose Farm's winter luxury pumpkins
A. Scattergood

November at L.A. Farmers Markets: Your Virtual Grocery List

It's November at Los Angeles farmers markets, where the stalls have been looking particularly festive for weeks now. Pumpkins. Swan gourds (the folks at McGrath Family Farm say they're decorative more than edible, but you can cook them if you really want to). Pomegranates. Also look for Satsuma mandarins, Brussels sprouts and persimmons and -- given the cool rainy weather -- stinging nettles and lamb's quarters. All of which sounds pretty appropriate for this week's Thanksgiving dinner menu -- and if you're heading out on Wednesday, plan for crowds (a wheelie, a coffee). Check out our virtual grocery list. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.


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