Burger Kitchen's breakfast hamburger
Burger Kitchen's breakfast hamburger
Anne Fishbein

National Geographic's Top 10 National Dishes + Guess What Americans Like To Eat

Food blogs aren't the only publications with endless lists or pictures of pretty things people like to eat. National Geographic, the magazine many of us fondly remember from grade school science classrooms and dentists' offices, is the latest to start playing this game. No, not Top 10 ways to prepare grasshoppers (not a bad idea though). Instead they've compiled the Top 10 National Dishes. Turn the page.

Not sure who decided on the order, which seems a little random. Or why some dishes made it onto the list and not others. Sushi for Japan, say, or adobo for the Philippines. Whatever. It's a fun list regardless. Maybe Top 10 Things Polar Bears Like To Eat will be next.

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National Geographic's Top 10 National Dishes:

1. Hamburgers, U.S.

2. Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica

3. Coo-Coo and Flying Fish, Barbados

4. Bulgogi, Korea

5. Kibbeh, Lebanon/Syria

6. Goulash, Hungary

7. Wiener Schnitzel, Austria

8. Pot-au-Feu, France

9. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, England

10. Irish Stew, Ireland


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