Four Jell-O shots featured on the blog My Jello Americans
Four Jell-O shots featured on the blog My Jello Americans

My Jello Americans: The Jell-O Shots Blog

Finally, the Jell-O shot isn't just for frat boys trying desperately to get girls drunk. The jiggly creations have been elevated to the level of high cuisine and high art at My Jello Americans, a blog that features stunning and whimsical gelatin creations.

Some of their most stunning pieces feature delicate "jellogami" cranes, but they've also paid homage to Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream," Lionel Richie and Watchmen.

The recipes are no joke either. My Jello Americans has featured black sesame petit fours made with dark rum, Frangelico and condensed milk, and golden rose hip squares made with Hendrick's gin and rosehip simple syrup.

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Our suggestion: How about the Murray Jell-Mann? This tribute to the Caltech physicist would somehow embody the quark model with lemon and lime gelatin and the liquor of one's choice.

Elina Shatkin is a staff writer at LA Weekly. Follow her at @elinashatkin or contact her at eshatkin@laweekly.com.


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