Karma, and other liquids that might need transporting.
Karma, and other liquids that might need transporting.
Katherine Spiers

More Wine On-the-Go: Now with Applesauce Technology

There are all kinds of exciting innovations happening in the wine world right now: new blends of grapes, organic manufacturing...and our latest favorite, the portable wine. It comes in various forms, one of which employs cutting edge applesauce packaging technologies: a small, plastic version of a wine glass with a foil lid. It's called The Tulip, it'll be officially for sale in the U.S. any day now, and is available in three flavors -- red, white or rosé.

Single serving wines
Single serving wines

Refinement is not the name of the game here. Another is Karma champagne, which makes strides towards respectability with its real glass bottle, but quickly undoes itself with the wide-mouth top. It seems interesting, design-wise, but a wide-mouth is difficult to sip from, seeming to encourage chugging instead. But it does make pouring a new liquid into the bottle easy. Very easy. We're not saying that you should stock up on, pour out, and replace Karma with your favorite mixed cocktail for Hollywood Bowl outings...just that, well...someone could.

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Karma Champagne can be found at BevMo!, Cost Plus, and other stores listed on the website.


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