Monday Morning News Roundup: Yak Farmers, Vegan Boxers, World's Worst Restaurant + More

And when we say "news," we mean it in the loosest sense of the word.

--"Mrs. Cheeseburger," wife of cheeseburger inventor, passes away. [Denver Post]

--Japan faces food radiation problems. [WSJ]

--Iodized salt is no antidote for radiation. [NPR]

--But red wine might be. [Telegraph]

--Mike Tyson is a vegan. [NY Times]

--Hot new locavore trend: Yak farming. [Boston Globe]

--Best review of the worst restaurant in the world: L'ami Louis in Paris. [Vanity Fair]

--Weed dispensary trades pot for food. [Denver Post]

--Cumberland sausage wins protected status. Just like champagne. [BBC]

--This sausage contains 104% meat. Wait... what?! [The Local]

--Amazing Edwardian sandwich is also a bread bowl. [Guardian]

--Father of Chicago girl who died of food allergy sues restaurant. [Chicago Tribune]

--Health dep't "mistakenly" closes restaurants who haven't paid license fees. [UPI]


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