Microwaved Gummi Bears
Microwaved Gummi Bears

MicroWhat: Or, 4 Food Items to Put in Your Microwave (Maybe)

Does your inner child ever wonder what happens when you put a pack of Gummi Bears in the microwave for a minute and half? How about an Oreo or a handful of Whoppers? That kind of morbid curiosity is the basis of one of our new favorite Tumblrs, MicroWhat, whose simple conceit is taking any item -- mostly food, but not exclusively -- microwaving it for an extended period of time, then photographing the results. It's equal parts science, art and "let's see how bad we can make this room smell."

Turn the page to see what happens when certain people put four fun food items in the microwave. (Don't necessarily try this at home.)

4. Bubble-gum jawbreakers are explosive.

3. Damien Hirst called, he wants his Vienna sausages back.

2. Twizzlers can double as metal soldering when necessary.

1. Twinkies are not as indestructible as once thought.


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