grilled foie gras
grilled foie gras
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Michael's on Naples Foie Gras Dinner

When its start date rolls around in July, maybe the California foie gras ban will actually be welcome. Right now, restaurants seem to be saturating their menus with the controversial fatty duck liver. It's even stuffed into our jelly doughnuts. This Wednesday night, March 14, Michael's on Naples in Long Beach joins the frenzy with The Last Foie Gras Dinner. The five-course meal will feature you-know-what from various U.S. farms including Hudson Valley Foie Gras, La Belle Foie Gras and Artisan Sonoma. Due to the ban, Artisan soon will close, according to the restaurant website.

Dinner begins with salt cured foie gras plus duck prosciutto. The second course consists of foie gras and rhubarb tortellini. The delicacy du jour appears next alongside jidori chicken and kurabata pork in ciabatta-encrusted white sausage. A fish course comes fourth -- monkfish roulade stuffed with, yes, the foie. And finally, the piece de resistance: foie gras steak. The desert is huckleberry and strawberry sorbet. Sans duck.

The meal costs $100 per person, or $150 with wine pairings. Michael's on Naples will donate 50% of the proceeds to the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards.

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