Food Art: Lobster on Melrose Ave.

Megalobster & The Angry French Canadian: Food News from Around the Nation

--Your official Christmas miracle: Senate passes food safety bill. Slate

--Lada Gaga's meat dress, anti-energy drinks, dousing yourself in ginger ale, megalobster and human milk make NY Times' annual Year In Ideas.

--Chocolate bunnies free to roam EU, court says. Just-Food

--After 20 years, Florida food aid program closes due to bad economy. Miami Herald

--Bribes: how food corporations keep opponents quiet. The Atlantic

--Food fight fuels attack in Missouri jail. St. Louis Today

--9 slices of bacon + 3 hot dogs + 1.5 poutines + 12 eggs + 1 large baguette + maple syrup = the world's greasiest sandwich a.k.a. The Angry French Canadian.


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