traditional Egg McMuffin
traditional Egg McMuffin

McDonald's to Make Yolk-Free Egg McMuffins: Or, More Ways to Combat Obesity!

Conveniently in time for Easter, I guess, the fast food chain McDonald's has announced that it will begin making its Egg McMuffins without the egg yolks. Starting this spring, according to the Associated Press, you'll be able to get your oh-so-healthful breakfast sandwich made that much better for you, i.e. with just the egg whites.

The "Egg White Delight" will be made with egg whites, Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese, and thus will run you 260 calories -- 40 down from the 300 calories of the traditional Egg McMuffin. Right. So your cholesterol count will be a bit better, but maybe if McDonald's is really trying to address the obesity epidemic, perhaps they might want to rethink the cheese -- or maybe the bacon. Just a thought.

And in somewhat related news:

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