Martha Stewart's Cooking School -- Did It Close?
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Martha Stewart's Cooking School -- Did It Close?

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Perhaps you noticed Squid Ink was covering Martha Stewart's Cooking School on PBS -- watching her program each weekend and employing her expertise in our own kitchens, learning to make salad dressings and emulsions, stocks, and getting terrorized by the occasional chicken.

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And perhaps you noticed that coverage abruptly stopped. And perhaps you were sad. Maybe you even called us all the way from Marietta, Ohio, to express your dismay at the impromptu hiatus. (That really happened! Hi Bruce!)

But never fear, because in fact, we're learned from the Martha camp that while PBS SoCal stopped airing episodes in favor of a pledge drive, Martha Stewart's Cooking School will resume in full swing in January. That means, happily, our coverage will as well, so get ready to cook along with us, employing all that new kitchenware you got for the holidays.

Join us, won't you! See you in the new year!

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