Man Eats Whole Jar of Nutella

No matter how addicted you are to Nutella, you probably haven't powered down an entire jar in one sitting, never mind in four minutes.

Former-anoxeric-turned-bodybuilder-turned-champion-competitive-eater Furious Pete shows how it's done and also -- what you might look like during the experience. Which might dial back your craving for Nutella a few clicks.

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The video reminds of the time our friend Steve took up the dare of eating an entire stick of cold butter straight out of the fridge during a house party. We took up a collection from other party-goers that nobody contributed to. So despite there being no financial incentive, Steve snapped into a quarter pound of cold butter like Macho Man Randy Savage into a Slim Jim.

It turns out Furious Pete collects video of his own and others' stunt eating on his semi-broken website, including a Tosh.0 video of people eating butter.


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