Los Angeles Web Awards: The Food & Drink Winners

Los Angeles Web Awards: The Food & Drink Winners

If you were at last night's party for the Weekly's Los Angeles Web Awards, you probably know who won. Assuming you didn't have too many gin fizzes, in which case maybe you don't. Maybe you're still there; what do we know. In any event, we'd like to take this time to formally announce the winners, and to thank everyone who helped with the nomination process. We got over 2,000 suggestions. ("Suggestions" are different from nominations how?) Anyway, turn the page for the winners in the food and drink categories, since what do we care about arts, real news and counterculture. As far as some of us are concerned, buttered kimchi chow is counterculture.

Click each name below for a detailed description, and click here for a full list of winners.

Best Food Blog

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Street Gourmet LA

Best Home-Cooking Site

In Erika's Kitchen

Best Cocktail Blog

Thirsty in LA

Best Food Porn

Matt Bites

Best Beer Blog

Beers in Paradise

Best Restaurant Site, Minimalist


Best Restaurant Site, Maximalist

Starry Kitchen

Full disclosure: This author did not make the web awards, so has nothing at all to substantiate the gin fizz comment. She was actually eating the aforementioned kimchi chow at Chego instead of attending. (Sorry, boss.) And the 3 p.m. meatballs, which were pretty damn tasty. Yes, she paid for her meal.


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