Brazil's line of PepsiCo products, including drinkable oatmeal
Brazil's line of PepsiCo products, including drinkable oatmeal
Courtesy PepsiCo

Liquid Chips? Pepsi Looks To "Drinkify" Snacks

Would you drink your Fritos? How about potato chips? Beer nuts? You may get a chance, because PepsiCo, looking to diversify it's market, is planning to turn snacks into drinks.

The Financial Times reports on the remarks of PepsiCo chief executive Indra Nooyi, who said "The fact that PepsiCo is a food and beverage company gives us a more holistic view of the consumer, what foods they eat, what do they like to drink, what parts of what they eat are they willing to drinkify." She pointed to an oatmeal drink that's popular in Brazil as an example.

While PepsiCo owns Frito Lay and Quaker brands, there's no guarantee they're talking about liquid chips or liquid granola bars (although the drinkable oatmeal reference does make us worry). But aside from yogurt and fruit -- and juice is hardly a format-buster, especially because Tropicana is already a PepsiCo brand -- what snacks would Americans likely gulp rather than chew? Trail mix? Popcorn? Candy? Oh wait, that would be soda ... right?

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