LeCreuset iPhone cases.
LeCreuset iPhone cases.
Via lecreuset.com

Le Creuset Releases iPhone Case, Plus 5 More Phone Cases For Food Dorks

Attention cooking nerds: Le Creuset, the gorgeous, expensive, French enameled cast iron cookware, has just released a new line of iPhone cases

Sadly, the cases are not actually made of cast iron, though that would make them a tad heavy. Presumably they're made of plastic. The cases fit an iPhone 5 or 5s, come in red, blue and green, and look like the lid of a Le Creuset pot. They cost $20.

Why would you want your phone to look like a pot? Because you're a cook. Because you're a dork. Because you want to showcase your exceedingly good taste in cookware. Who knows? 

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Want to show your love of food to the world but don't care about fancy French cookware? Behold: the ice cream sandwich case, the unwrapped chocolate case, the saltine cracker case, the quilted pop tart case, and of course the uni and ikura sushi case

Go forth and accessorize. 

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