Macarons, which you can learn to make this summer at the New School of CookingEXPAND
Macarons, which you can learn to make this summer at the New School of Cooking
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5 Great Food and Drink Classes in L.A. this Summer

Ever wanted to know how to make vegan ice cream? Or learn more about Jamaican rum? Or get a crash course on making ramen at home? Well, you're in luck — because Los Angeles is full of food and drink education opportunities. Here are five upcoming classes in L.A. that will expand your culinary knowledge.

Caña Rum Bar
Caña Rum Bar
Courtesy 213 Hospitality
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July 18: Jamaican Rum Class at Caña Rum Bar
213 Hospitality has an ongoing series of booze education classes, including this tasting of Jamaican rum at Caña Rum Bar on Tuesday July 18. Craft spirits specialist Reid Beckers will walk participants through a flight of Jamaican rums and also introduce a rum that's new to the market. Non-members pay $15 at the door. 213calendar.com

July 22: Ramen Class at FoodStory
Chef Yoko Isassi teaches all kinds of Japanese cooking skills, from izakaya dishes to sushi to tours of the L.A. Seafood market followed by a class to teach you how to utilize the fish you've bought. But perhaps most exciting is the chance to learn how to make tonkotsu ramen. The four-hour class costs $90 and takes place a few times per month (there are also ramen classes on July 29 and Aug. 5). You can book here. ifoodstory.com

July 29: Vinegar Making at Urban Outdoor Skills

Urban Outdoor Skills is a fascinating organization that focuses mainly on classes to teach students how to forage for edible and medicinal plants. Recently, it has added classes on how to make wild beer, as well as this class on how to make vinegar from beer and wine, and how to make gourmet infused vinegars. Cost is $40, and instructions on how to register can be found here. urbanoutdoorskills.com

Students at the New School of Cooking
Students at the New School of Cooking
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Aug. 12: French Macarons Class at the New School of Cooking
Culver City's New School of Cooking has professional and recreational cooking classes throughout the year. Among the August lineup of one-off recreational classes, the chance to learn to make French macarons is especially enticing. The three-hour class will teach students the techniques needed to prepare chocolate ganache and raspberry jam macarons. Cost is $125, and you can reserve your space here. newschoolofcooking.com

Sept. 2: Vegan Ice Cream Making Class at Green's Center for Plant-Based Nutrition
Of course Los Angeles has a business called "Green's Center for Plant-Based Nutrition and Gluten-Free Education" — the city is nothing if not on-brand. The center teaches all kinds of things, including "veganic gardening," and on Sept. 2 it's hosting a class teaching vegan ice cream making. The class is $15, or $20 for two people. Tickets are available here. greenscenter.com


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