The Original Combo at Bob's Big Boy
The Original Combo at Bob's Big Boy
Flickr | edwardconde

L.A. Weekly Flickr Pool Reader Photo of the Day: The Original Big Boy Combo at Bob's Big Boy

One of the reasons we love summer so much is that it gives us time to enjoy the old-fashioned pleasures of life -- like hamburgers. Thus today we give you the Original Big Boy Combo from Bob's Big Boy as the LA Weekly Flickr Pool photo of the day, courtesy of edwardconde's Flickr. This photo was taken at the Burbank location of Bob's Big Boy, which is now the oldest remaining restaurant of the 1950's coffee shop-style chain. In the 50's, the restaurant was designed as a drive-in, where food would be brought out to cars. Now it has a drive-thru window to match our 21st century lifestyle.

Pictured here is a double-decker hamburger on a grilled sesame seed bun with lettuce, American cheese, dressing and relish. The combo also includes fries, a Coke and a chocolate milkshake. If you have any great food photography, consider uploading photos to the LA Weekly Flickr Pool.


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