Bread from La Brea Bakery
Bread from La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery Reopening Tomorrow in the Rita Flora Building

La Brea Bakery, which closed its original bakery in November when the lease went to chef Walter Manzke, will reopen tomorrow in its new space in the Rita Flora building at 460 South La Brea Avenue.

While the store will be open, visitors shouldn't expect the finished product. Brand manager Jennifer Johnson says "Due to the short timeline for finding a suitable location and engineering a move, we are quite literally packing up and moving our things. Therefore, initially the space will consist of a combination of new and old elements that will be temporary in nature."

Johnson says that the bakery has signed a long term lease in the space, but is also in lease negotiations for the adjacent space in the same building. "Our intention is to combine both spaces and create a La Brea Bakery and Café operation which we hope to open in late spring or early summer. The expanded space will incorporate baking on premise and a Café operation."

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