Emeril Lagasse
Emeril Lagasse
New York Times

Kick It Up a Notch: Emeril Gets a Cooking Game Show

If you've ever watched Emeril Lagasse on television -- the vocal studio audience, the eager mobility of the chef, the bams! -- you've probably thought, at one time or another, that Emeril would have made a pretty good game show host. Well, it seems that CBS thought the same thing, because they've just ordered a pilot for a daytime cooking game show to star Lagasse. The as-yet-untitled show is to be shot before a live audience, and will showcase audience members competing against each other, preparing a dish while Emeril watches and presumably advises. One imagines lots of spices thrown in from the side to kick it up a notch, as it were. Lots more bams! The show is reported to be replacing the soap opera As the World Turns, which is ending its long run. What this means for any potential on-set drama, one can only guess. This fall. 2 p.m. Go find your shaker of Emeril's essense, as you'll doubtless need it.


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