This Might Be Your New Favorite Food Show Host

A student at Philadelphia's Temple University has just blazed onto the food scene after creating a reaction video taking down a Tasty recipe instructional.

We don't have time for mean-spirited internet goings-on, and Kalen Allen expresses more shock than vitriol in his videos about sweet potato pie, cornbread and the mysterious creation in the linked video.

A still from one of Kalen Allen's new videosEXPAND
A still from one of Kalen Allen's new videos
Kalen Allen
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He's not exactly a food expert — in the sense that he doesn't know every single cooking term — but Allen is pretty insightful about these corporate videos and talk show clips. "Don't y'all know there are more seasonings than salt and pepper?" he asked at one point. After watching these videos, you'll realize that no, apparently we don't know that.

Allen is funny, too, and has the Seth Rogen stamp of approval. Maybe his plans for grad school will have to wait till after he makes his fortune?

Allen is on YouTube here and Twitter here.


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