A. Scattergood
A. Scattergood
Apriums at Ken's Produce

June at L.A. Farmers Markets: Your Virtual Grocery List

It's June at Los Angeles farmers markets, bringing the season's first stone fruit -- apriums, nectarines, peaches -- as well as more cherries, late spring greens, blood oranges, Gaviota and tiny, tart wild strawberries, and even mulberries. The mulberries were gone when we got to the Wednesday Santa Monica market this morning, chefs having carted the few baskets at Pudwill Berry Farms' stall off shortly after the market bell rang at 8:30. But they'll be here for the next few weeks, hopefully, and certainly at this Saturday's Santa Monica market and at next Wednesday's. (Get there early.) Check out our virtual grocery list, taken recently at the Santa Monica and South Pasadena farmers markets. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.


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