Chef Jason Neroni outside of Bside, his new New York City pizzeria
Chef Jason Neroni outside of Bside, his new New York City pizzeria
Jason Neroni/Instagram

Jason Neroni Has Not Forsaken Los Angeles — Despite New NYC Pizzeria

Jason Neroni announced in late June that he was leaving his post as chef of Superba Snack Bar in order to open a new restaurant with Bill Chait some time in 2015. But yesterday on Instagram, Neroni announced the opening of a pizzeria called Bside in New York City's Hell's Kitchen. 

Cue the speculation! This morning, Eater New York wondered whether that meant Neroni was back in New York for good, and if perhaps his project with Chait was off. But Neroni confirms to L.A. Weekly that his plans with Chait are intact — and that he still considers L.A. home base. 

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"We're still in design phase, but we're moving forward," he says. And though he won't confirm an exact location, he says the restaurant will be on the Westside and open in spring of 2015. 

While Neroni ostensibly left New York five years ago, he has always maintained a somewhat bicoastal life. But he says he will probably not go back to living in New York full time any time soon. 

"L.A. is where it's at," he says. 

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