Bento iPhone, anyone?
Bento iPhone, anyone?
Strapya World

Japan's iPhone Food Cases: Your Phone as Bento Box

From celebrity chef apps to video cooking tutorials to mapping the whereabouts of L.A. food trucks, it's no secret that the iPhone pretty much doubles as a mobile kitchen. But now, thanks to Japanese cell phone accessory-maker Strapya, your iPhone can take on a freakishly-realistic resemblance to the food you actually prepare in your kitchen too. How? Enter iMeshi Japanese Food iPhone covers, which transform your slim, pocket-sized iPhone into replicas of a bento box, sunny side-up eggs and bacon, Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) and Yakisoba noodles.

According to Strapya's website, the covers -- priced at $43.20/each -- are available for both iPhone 3 and 4 models and will be "dispatched towards the middle of September." If for some reason the food iPhones covers don't satiate your food-meets-tech appetite, you can always add a deep-fried "chikin," tempura shrimp or pineapple crepe cell phone strap to your order. Chopsticks not included.


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