Jack In The Box's Munchie Mobile
Jack In The Box's Munchie Mobile
Courtesy of Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box Food Truck: The TV Ad

The Jack In The Box food truck, which we first heard about back in May, is no joke. It's real, as is this new TV ad promoting the fast-food chain's Munchie Mobile, which Jack In The Box's eponymous talking mascot apparently built to give people a taste of his "newly revamped classics."

Look! Real people (paid extras?). On the streets of a real city (Los Angeles). In front of a real bar (Broadway Bar). Eating burgers. From a Jack In The Box food truck.

In pre-2012, why should we be surprised when any trend is co-opted then regurgitated and resold to us in slicker, more expensive packaging? Enjoy the video after the jump.

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