It's Cold! Have Some RamenEXPAND
Eddie Lin

It's Cold! Have Some Ramen

Seaweed, pork, noodles. Or maybe lobster, egg, noodles. L.A. is one city that sure does know how to satisfy any ramen lover's cravings. Check out some of the best ramen spots below.

First Look: Oh Man! Ramen Makes Its Own Noodles and MSG
Oh Man! Ramen, on Ventura Boulevard in Encino, is the newest entrant in the mini eating empire fronted by chef Phillip Frankland Lee.

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York ramen at Ramen of YorkEXPAND
York ramen at Ramen of York
B. Rodell

Ramen of York Is the Restaurant Highland Park Actually Needs
Restaurant critic Besha Rodell would wager that, of the newer restaurants to open in Highland Park in recent months, the one that has most changed the eating life of the neighborhood's residents might be Ramen on York, the offshoot of Silverlake Ramen that started slinging bowls of noodles back in June.

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Lobster ramen at JinyaEXPAND
Lobster ramen at Jinya
Courtesy Jinya Ramen Bar

Can Luxury Ingredients Change the Image of Ramen? Jinya Rolls Out $18 Lobster Ramen
Jinya in Studio City and Robata Jinya in West Hollywood have debuted a limited-availability menu item: lobster ramen. It’s the latest experiment in founder Tomo Takahashi’s attempt to elevate ramen to something worthy of luxury ingredients.

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10 Best Ramen Shops in Los Angeles
If you are not among the ramen-obsessed, it's probably difficult to fathom how people can get so worked up about a bowl of soup. Sure, there are ramen's various elements and regional categories, intricate as some medieval scholastic doctrine; the delineation of broth and tare, of noodle and topping; and the endless beautiful myths of origin. But maybe just stop a minute to consider the experience.

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