Interviews With Some of L.A.'s Biggest Food Fanatics

L.A. is a culinary melting pot, always growing and changing. If you're a food lover, living in Los Angeles is essentially heaven on earth. Turns out, a lot of celebrities, chefs and other food fanatics agree. Take a look at some of our recent interviews with the food-focused people of our amazing city.

Chef Eddie Huang Talks Boahaus LA, World Domination and Los Angeles' Superior Food Scene
It's been two years since Eddie Huang relocated from New York to L.A. Huang decided to bring the chef side of him to L.A. as well, and earlier this month he opened an outpost of his New York City restaurant Baohaus in Chinatown's Far East Plaza, in the spot recently vacated by his friend Andy Ricker. I caught up with Huang a few days after the opening of Baohaus to talk about why he brought the concept West, and about his ever-evolving relationship with the city he now calls home.

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Interviews With Some of L.A.'s Biggest Food Fanatics
L.A. Weekly

Cheech Marin on Mezcal and Marijuana
Although we're nearly a generation removed from Cheech Marin’s final cinematic turn as everyone’s favorite Latino stoner, the native Angeleno just can’t seem to shake his love for green plants that get you high. These days, though, he’s traded ganja for agave — the spiny, desert succulent used in mezcal production. He helped launch Tres Papalote in 2015 and has been busy promoting the brand ever since. Here he shares a few thoughts with the Weekly on what attracted him to the project, why he still calls L.A. home and, of course, how he feels about marijuana legalization.

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Julie Tanous and Jesse Tyler FergusonEXPAND
Julie Tanous and Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Heather Platt

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Tanous Are Blogging Their Way to a Cookbook
The two bonded over a mutual love of cooking, and from that sprang the idea to write a cookbook together. "We took this idea to my agency and they kind of said, well, you maybe need to cook a little bit more together," says Ferguson. From this came their blog.

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Interviews With Some of L.A.'s Biggest Food FanaticsEXPAND
Daniel Krieger

Mario Batali Isn't Willing to Die for Noodles
Mario Batali may not officially live in Los Angeles, but as a partner in the Mozza empire and Eataly (the latter with a soon-to-open Westfield Century City location), the New York–based chef certainly spends a lot of time here. Batali's most recent trip out to the best coast was partly in support of his new book, Big American Cookbook: 250 Recipes From Across the USA. He greeted this reporter with a simple statement: "I love Los Angeles."

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