Chef David Myers
Chef David Myers
Anne Fishbein

Hinoki and the Bird Chef David Myers Talks About Inspiration and "Coasting Out" (Video)

David Myers and his restaurant Hinoki and the Bird have had a good few months. The restaurant landed on the national 50 Best New Restaurants list from Bon Appetit, and also John Mariani's Best New Restaurants of 2013 list for Esquire. And of course, they have the great honor of being named the restaurant with the Best Lobster Roll in L.A. from us here at LA Weekly.

Local filmmaker Gab Taraboulsy -- who makes food-related films under the name Delicious Cinema -- also was  quite taken with Hinoki and the Bird, and he's made a gorgeous short about the restaurant and the inspirations behind it. In it, David Myers talks about his intentions for the restaurant and where they come from:

Hinoki and the Bird from Delicious Cinema on Vimeo

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