blueberry pancakes
blueberry pancakes

Happy Shrove Tuesday: Yet Another Good Reason to Eat Pancakes

Happy Mardi Gras. But today is also called Shrove Tuesday, a time when many cultures celebrate this last day before Lent not by partying but by making pancakes. Of course, you can do both, depending what kind of pancakes you make. Making pancakes is a way to both empty the refrigerator of perishable foods and have a last feast with ingredients such as butter and eggs, the consumption of which was traditionally restricted during Lenten fasting.

In the UK, Canada and here in the U.S., many churches mark the day with pancake suppers; it's also a day when people who don't ordinarily make crepes will get out their battered French crepe pans to make the thin French pancakes. Either way, it's a great excuse to eat breakfast all day. Here's a recipe for whole wheat blueberry pancakes from Gourmet, circa 1990. Blueberries are starting to show up in Southern California farmers markets. And getting on the whole grain bandwagon is good for everyone, from kids, to Saints fans needing some carbs to balance the continued Mardi Gras partying, to newspaper food writers.

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blueberry pancakes


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