Guess What New Restaurant Is Coming to the Old Madame Matisse Space in Silver Lake

Silver Lake is popping off right now, so it's a true mystery why the restaurant space that housed Madame Matisse for about a decade hasn't found anything that sticks since it closed about three years ago.

The location right at the corner of Sunset and Maltman is between the Silver Lake Farmers Market and brunch legend Millie's, making it a prime spot for reeling in tourists and local weekend warriors. And yet, it's been more or less empty since Matisse's closure — a couple of restaurants have come and quickly gone, including a Purgatory Pizza location that was rarely open and, when it was, didn't offer delivery.

But a new concept is scheduled to open in a few weeks, and I must say, it looks pretty promising. It has a vegetable-heavy, Middle Eastern–inspired menu planned, which strikes the right balance of being both trendy and under-represented in the neighborhood. The chef is an alum of Alma, among other illustrious restaurants. There's a matcha-and–avocado toast spot opening next door to it. So all signs point to this restaurant being a success, even though the name of it is practically un-Google-able: Mh zH. I think it's supposed to be pronounced "mezze," like the small plates, but I keep forgetting.

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As long as itkeeps to regular hours, Mh zH has a strong shot at doing well. Vegetables and mystery are very hot right now.

3536 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake. instagram.com/mzhz.la.


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