Fowl Play?
Fowl Play?

Grilled Chicken Coupon Wars: The El Pollo Loco Gambit

The latest installment in our continuing coverage of the free grilled chicken wars: competitor El Pollo Loco throws itself into the fray, says it will honor the Oprah/KFC free chicken coupons on Mothers Day. KFC, on the other hand, will not honor its own coupon on Mothers Day.

"Does KFC have something against mothers?" asks the El Pollo Loco commercial. "Does Oprah?" I ask.

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The original (but elusive) Oprah/KFC coupon entitles the bearer to two-pieces of chicken, two sides, and a biscuit. Though El Pollo Loco does not make biscuits, they do make Spanish rice.

As M-Day dawns, given that 10 million people downloaded the free chicken coupon, is El Pollo Loco prepared for the onslaught? Are there enough chickens? Will human mothers murder their offspring if they are taken out for brunch to an El Pollo Loco? Only time will tell.


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