The Godmother sub at Bay Cities Deli.
The Godmother sub at Bay Cities Deli.

Godmother at Bay Cities Deli: 30 Sandwiches in 30 Days (Day 4)

Bay Cities Deli makes two dozen sandwiches -- a sub with fluffy meatballs, a chicken parm, a Poor Boy with bologna, cotto salami and Swiss cheese -- but the one for which they're most famous, and justifiably so, is The Godmother.

Stacked with no less than five kinds of cold cuts -- that'd be Genoa salami, mortadella, coppacola, ham and prosciutto -- and a slice of Provolone, the sandwich comes on dense, chewy, wonderful Italian bread. Should you get mustard and mayo on your sub? Purists will tell you -- and we agree -- NO! All it really needs is a dash of oil and vinegar. At Bay Cities, that means: order it with the works but ask for them to leave off the mayostard.

You can get it small ($6.25) or large ($8.15), but even the "small" Godmother is a mother. It's cool and salty, dense and filling, and definitely one of the better Italian subs in town.

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