Currywurst: Hungarian Sausage + Fries

Free Sausage at Currywurst

To kick off the new year, Currywurst the new-ish sausage shop on Fairfax, is hosting a sausage party. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Every Tuesday in February, Currywurst will serve free sausages -- but only for 20 minutes and 12 seconds (2012, get it?) beginning at 7 p.m.

Currywurst: Interior
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You get your choice of bockwurst, Hungarian or chicken thueringer with either sautéed onions or sauerkraut and currywurst or housemade mustard. One Sausage per customer.

Elina Shatkin is a staff writer at LA Weekly. Follow her at @elinashatkin or contact her at eshatkin@laweekly.com.


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