Plan Check

Free One-Year Anniversary Crullers at Plan Check Today

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, Plan Check will offer all of its diners orders of sugar-coated crullers on the house today. Each order comes in a set of three served with whipped cream and fresh fruit. For larger parties, enough will be brought out to include everyone in the festivities.

A year ago, Terry Heller and chef Ernesto Uchimura opened Plan Check on the northern edge of Little Osaka, closer to Santa Monica Boulevard than Olympic. A two-block distance away from the cluster of newer restaurants and shops to its south disproved conventional business notions on foot traffic. Since then, its Southern Fry sandwich has made our "100 Favorite Dishes." Garrett Snyder found the "crunch of the fried chicken crust is loud enough to hear over the restaurant's bumping soundtrack." And its french fries made of Kennebec potatoes are no slouch either, making the "10 Best French Fries in Los Angeles."

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