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Food News Roundup: The Spam Factory, Prehistoric BBQ + Evicting Paula Deen's Chickens

-- The Spam Factory's Dirty Secret. [Mother Jones]

-- More fun with Rioja: "Overcoming my squeamishness, I drew my finger across the grim black mold that clung to one of the bottles." [Zester Daily]

-- Prehistoric BBQ Leftovers Found. 8,000 years ago. Aurochs. Proving that summer grilling season hasn't changed all that much. [Discovery News]

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-- Norma Lyon, the 'Butter-Cow Lady,' Dies at 81. [The New York Times]

-- Next Door Lounge opens in Hollywood. Or, yet another "recession-proof" speakeasy. [Grub Street]

-- Paula Deen's Chickens May Violate Savannah Zoning Laws, Face Eviction. [HuffPost Food]

-- A look at Nudie Foodies. No, sadly, the new cookbook's racy photos are of semi-naked food bloggers, not Helen Mirren. [Daily Dish]

-- Avgolemono Soup: I Can Make It (But I Still Can't Pronounce It). [Bad Home Cooking]

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