David Letterman
David Letterman
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Food News Roundup: Martha vs. Letterman, Deep-fried Worms + Homemade Nutella

-- Martha Stewart hits David Letterman in the face with a cheese ball. ("You're a strong wonderful woman, and I'm an asshole.") [Eater]

-- Croatia's own Chocolat. [Reuters]

-- Shrimp Without Guilt: BC Spot Prawn Fishery Provides Sustainable Indulgence. [Politics of the Plate]

-- Five-star dining, in a Vietnam cave. [Daily Dish]

-- Heston Blumenthal serves deep-fried worms to sick children, in a bid to improve hospital food. [The Sun]

-- Highland Park coffeehouse owner expands on York Boulevard. [The Eastsider]

-- Nebraska bill would pave way for return of horse meat processing. [Lincoln Journal Star]

-- McSweeney's Launches Cookbook Imprint. [Publishers Weekly via Food News Journal]

-- Making homemade Nutella. [David Lebovitz]

-- A Quesadilla and Burrito Oasis on the Cd.Juarez-Chihuahua Highway. [Street Gourmet LA]


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