Graphic released on Oreo's Facebook page in support of gay pride
Graphic released on Oreo's Facebook page in support of gay pride
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Food News Roundup: Gay Rights Oreo Graphic, Tomato and Strawberry Gazpacho + Foods That Improve Sexual Health

Bon Appetit: 10 foods that possess aphrodisiac qualities and can (theoretically) improve your sexual health.

MSNBC Bites: Rainbow Oreo graphic celebrating LGBT pride month sparks advertising controversy.

Eatocracy: Remembering Nora Ephron through her film Julie & Julia, as well as Ephron's other famous food references in film.

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Zester Daily: Beyond quality ingredients and versatility: what makes a meatball truly great.

Good Food: Details on how to enter your pie for the fourth annual Good Food pie contest at LACMA.

The Healthy Voyager: A recipe for a light, antioxidant-packed Raspberry and Blueberry Kale Salad.

Grub Street: Angeleno deems Josef Centeno as "Best New Chef," Plan Check's smokey chicken is named the "Best New Dish" and Picca wins "Best Design" in the magazine's 2012 Restaurant Awards.

Food 52: Testing out a colorful tomato and strawberry gazpacho from the Eleven Madison Park cookbook.

L.A. Foodie: En route from Downtown L.A. to Culver City, where to stop for food and cocktails.

At The Picket Fence: Fourth of July themed Jell-O firecracker shots for grown-ups.

Finer Things L.A.: Raphael in Studio City celebrates gay pride month with six course rainbow colored menu.

Food GPS: An interview with Rivera and MessHall bartender and percussionist Erik Lund.

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