real San Marzanos
real San Marzanos

Food News Roundup: Fake San Marzanos, Dumb Restaurant Laws, Vegans + More Vegans

-- 95% of American-sold cans of San Marzano tomatoes are not the real thing. [gustiBlog via NYT]

-- From omnivore to vegan: The dietary education of Bill Clinton. [CNN]

-- How to store olive oil, from Bill Daley. [Chicago Tribune]

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-- More fun with Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo. ("We could be 65 and they could still be fucking pumping it out." By which they mean their cookbook.) [The Cookbook Blog]

-- Rising food prices contribute to global crisis. [Marcus Samuelsson]

-- The 8 Dumbest Restaurant Laws. [ZagatBuzz]

-- My Girlfriend Came Out as a Vegan. [Food Republic]

-- Considering the Triple Double Oreo. [Los Angeles Times]

-- Pot. Food. Colorado. [Westword]


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