Food Gadgets for Hipsters: The Bicycle Wine Rack
designed by oopsmark

Food Gadgets for Hipsters: The Bicycle Wine Rack

If there is one thing hipsters love more than cheap wine (read: irony), it is expensive gadgets for transporting cheap wine on their bicycles (read: elaborate irony). Thus, the bicycle wine rack. Just in time for Cinespia's summer screening series and other seasonal hipnik picnics, this system of leather straps can adjust to fit different types of 3″ bottles and clamps snug enough to keep the bottle from moving around, even when riding over the many potholes on Santa Monica Boulevard.

It costs as much as 15 bottles of bargain-priced premium wine at Trader Joe's, which is an increase on the pre-March price of 13 bottles. But the bicycle wine rack is quality product worth its weight in Charles Shaw. It's handmade, from recycled, oil-treated, vegetable-tanned leather. And who can put a price on hipster envy? We are of the camp that believes nobody can. With a bicycle wine rack, you will be the belle of the hipnik picnic.

Note: The bicycle wine can also transport expensive wines, but expensive wine is not funny and nobody likes a showoff. Also, product will not hold boxed wines.

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The Bicycle Wine Rack is available from oopsmark's store on etsy.

Food Gadgets for Hipsters: The Bicycle Wine Rack


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