Food & Drinks: Huckleberry, The Smokin' Joint & LA Mill All Get Liquor Licenses

There's a full moon, the economy is still in the tank, it's Monday. And worst of all, there are no more Olympic hockey games and medal ceremonies to watch on NBC, only Jerry Seinfeld giving marital advice. All very good reasons why you may need a drink with your next meal. Or two or three, if you're planning on watching The Marriage Ref ever again. Fortunately, it seems like everybody has decided to go get a liquor license.

Starting tomorrow Huckleberry Café & Bakery in Santa Monica will be serving artisanal beers and a small selection of wines. Finally, a glass of rosé to go with pastry chef Zoe Nathan's fantastic bakery items; a beer to with those green eggs and ham. Beer, wine, sake and soju were added to the menu at LA Mill, Craig Min's beautiful Silver Lake coffee boutique, a few weeks ago.

And Smokin' Joint BBQ just got their license last week. Chef-owner Michael Kesler's Third Street rib joint has beer, wine and the standard catalog of booze. So what's on their drinks menu, we asked? "Let us know what you want and we'll work it out." The democratic approach always works the best. With drinks if not television shows.


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