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Figure Out Breakfast Tacos at Brunch at the Races

Los Angeles has long had breakfast burritos. Now we're exploring the concept of breakfast tacos. And at LA Weekly's Brunch at the Races event on October 9, you can do a pretty thorough taco taste test.

For those unfamiliar, breakfast tacos are a Texas creation — perhaps specifically from San Antonio — that are a mainstay of Tex-Mex menus all over the state. We in California are just getting used to the idea, slowly warming up to the concept of a simpler, smaller, more egg-focused Mexican-inspired breakfast.

There will be three different versions of breakfast tacos at Brunch at the Races — from Messhall, The Briks and Moore's — and that may be the perfect number to try at once. Find out if you like them with potatoes; your preferred cheese; if spicy salsa is too much in the morning.

And if you just want to stick to the reliable, Maradentro will be there with a breakfast burrito.

And of course there will be pancake sandwiches and shrimp and grits and homemade poptarts and tortas and oysters and kebobs and something called a "French toast tamale." Come hungry!

Click here for more information and to buy tickets to Brunch at the Races.


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