Eating with Eddie Lin: The Man Behind Deep End Dining on ABC7

Eddie Lin's blog, Deep End Dining, has turned adventurous eating into something of an extreme sport. Last week, ABC7's Rob Hayes accompanied Lin on a few of his eating expeditions around LA, narrating in a voice that could have made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sound dangerous. Lin blames his daring appetite on his mother: "the first dish she ever served to me was steamed pig's brain," he said. Lim proudly eats freshly amputated octopus tentacles writhing on the plate, live eel, live lobster sashimi, scorpion, and huitlacoche, which is basically corn fungus, but for hardcore purposes is described by Lin as "corn cancer." Perhaps the most shocking of Lin's indulgences is his wife's placenta. "You can turn it into jerky," says Lin, "dry it, eat it sashimi style, in soup, pate..."

If you'd like to meet the swordfish swallower in the flesh, Lin's will be signing his Lonely Planet book, Extreme Cusine, on March 6th at the Annex in Santa Ana.


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