Frosted Cupcakery (Hollywood): bacon cornbread cupcake

Eat This Now: Bacon Cornbread Cupcake

I adore bacon (who doesn't?) but I have less love for bacon desserts, most of which make me want to scream: You're not making dessert any better, you're only making bacon worse!

The bacon cornbread cupcake from Frosted Cupcakery is a rare exception.

Already one of my favorite cupcake peddlers in L.A., their bacon cupcake succeeds where others have failed largely, I think, because of the batter. Not as grainy as cornbread and less sweet than traditional cake, it makes a terrific backdrop for the chunks of salty, thick-cut bacon lodged inside. Frosted with a light honey-buttercream and sprinkled with sea salt, it's like dipping your bacon into maple syrup without any of the sticky mess.

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It's not one of Frosted Cupcakery's standard flavors. It is, quite literally, their Flavor of the Month, so you have only two more weeks to enjoy it.

DISH: Bacon Cornbread Cupcake: $2.99.

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