A cappuccino and truffle at Demitasse Cafe.
A cappuccino and truffle at Demitasse Cafe.
T. Nguyen

DTLA Barista Throwdown on Monday

We're not at all convinced that baristas are the new mixologists. We're not even convinced about the word "mixologist," which we can only say after suppressing our gag reflex. Nonetheless, Bobak Roshan's Demitasse Cafe will, on Monday, host a fun little barista throwdown featuring mostly downtown L.A. coffee houses: Handsome Coffee Roasters, Cafe Dulce, Chimney Coffee House and Augie's Coffee House of Redlands.

Baristas will compete to see who can make the prettiest latte art, and spectators will giet to taste brews from all the coffee shops in the competition. Judges include Joshua Lurie of Food GPS, our own Tien Nguyen and Hanh Nguyen (no relation).

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WHEN: 8 p.m., Dec. 12

WHERE: Demitasse Cafe

COST: Free

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