Donut Man (Glendora)

Donut Man Pairs Cheese & Donuts for Valentine's Day Love

For lovers only: Donut Man, one of our favorite donut men in all of Los Angeles, announced (via Facebook) that beginning tomorrow he'll suggest daily cheese and donut pairings in the run-up to Valentine's Day

During the next few weeks, we will be posting tips and suggestions for matching Donut Man donuts with cheese.

A funky taleggio to go with that impossibly long tiger tail? Or perhaps a strong, creamy cambozola to set off that plain cake donut? Maybe some manchego melted on that cruller?

Donut Man (Glendora)

The Glendora shop best known for its seasonal strawberry donuts, an entire basket of strawberries coated in translucent pie filling and crammed into the gaping maw of a plain sugar donut, recently branched out into cream puffs. Emboldened by their foray into doughy, new territory, they begin the "cheese + donuts = love" experiment tomorrow.


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