Cornell Seeks Your Help in Naming Two New Wine Varietals

We learned via NPR's Morning Edition this morning that Cornell University's grape breeding program is looking for names for two brand new wine varietals. And they're hoping the public will help. The two varietals are a cold-hearty white-wine grape, which has aromatic qualities similar to Gewürztraminer or Muscat, and an organic dark red that has good structure and a hint of blueberry. The varietals are now named NY76.0844.24 and NY95.0301.01. You can see why that won't fly -- even if they put cute furry animals on the label.

You can read more about the grapes on Cornell's website, or send your suggestions to grape breeder Bruce Reisch at bruce.reisch@cornell.edu. Entries are due by this coming Monday, August 6. No word on whether they'll bathe you in the fruits of their labor for a lifetime if you win the naming game, but probably not.

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