Nancy Silverton & Matt Molina at Mozza
Nancy Silverton & Matt Molina at Mozza
Anne Fishbein

Cookbook watch: the Mozza Cookbook!

Can't get a table at the Osteria or the Pizzeria? Soon you can make lardo pizza at home. Nancy Silverton and Mozza executive chef Matt Molina are currently working on the Mozza cookbook.

"It's going to be real restaurant recipes, not dumbed down recipes," said Silverton by phone yesterday. "No soffrito in 15 minutes." Look for at least 150 recipes, "probably more," from the menus of both the Osteria and the Pizzeria. Yes, Silverton's pizza dough recipe will be in the book (although she promises that the recipe will be reworked for people without wood-burning ovens), as will Mario Batali's octopus recipe--or rather, Mario's mother's octopus recipe, a cult favorite at the Osteria. (FYI: it calls for wine corks.)

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Silverton says that the manuscript is due in 6 months and will be published by Knopf. Mario Batali will write the introduction. The book is being co-written by Carolynn Carreño, who also co-wrote Silverton's last cookbook, A Twist of the Wrist. No publication date is yet set. In the meantime, Silverton and Molina are busy gathering their favorite recipes--like they don't have enough to do already, between the two Mozzas and the new take-out place next door, set to open in about two weeks, according to Mozza GM David Rosoff. Ladies and gentlemen, start your ovens.

Pizzeria Mozza, 641 N. Highland Ave., LA, (323) 297-0101; Osteria Mozza, 6602 Melrose Ave., LA, (323) 297-0100. www.mozza-la.com.


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