Olive feast at BazaarEXPAND
Olive feast at Bazaar
Michele Stueven

Chef Jose Andres Brings Spanish Olives to Bazaar

This may come as a shock to you Angelenos, but 95 percent of the pimento-stuffed olives consumed in the United States come from Spain, and Los Angeles tops the list of consumers. It’s not the first time the Spaniards have infiltrated Alta California, but if renowned Spanish chef José Andrés is leading the charge – I’m OK with it.

As part of the Olives From Spain “Have an Olive Day” campaign, Andrés last week turned his Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills into a delicious olive field with dozens of varieties, including Hojiblanca, Queen and Manzanilla, as part of his ambassadorship introducing Spanish olives to the United States.

In the SLS Hotel tasting kitchen with Somni chefs Aitor Zabala, left, José Andrés and Hector ContrerasEXPAND
In the SLS Hotel tasting kitchen with Somni chefs Aitor Zabala, left, José Andrés and Hector Contreras
Michele Stueven
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Guests were treated to a menu adapted to California cuisine, which included his world-famous Ferran Adrià liquid Queen olives, chocolate brownies with Hojiblanca olives, and chicken wings with Manzanilla olive purée. For umami purists, the little green gems were threaded in and out of anchovies on skewers for a sublime tapas fest.

“California olives are great in so many ways,” Andrés told L.A. Weekly in between popping in and out of the massive Bazaar kitchen. “It goes back centuries when other Spanish people brought them here. The California and Spanish olives are like brothers and sisters, just like olives and grapes. “

Andrés' famous Ferran Adrià liquid Queen olivesEXPAND
Andrés' famous Ferran Adrià liquid Queen olives
Michele Stueven

Spain is the world leader in production and export of table olives, representing 21 percent of world production and 30 percent of world exports. The United States imports more than 155 million pounds of European olives every year.

Check in here for more info and Olive the recipes you can try: haveanoliveday.eu.


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