Thanksgiving turkey is even better when it's infused with weed
Thanksgiving turkey is even better when it's infused with weed
Jakob Layman

Celebrate Danksgiving With These Marijuana-Infused Turkey Day Treats

Mouthwatering pictures of fall feasts began popping up on our social feeds weeks ago, but it’s officially time to plan the savory accoutrements for Thanksgiving dinner. Since this year's family gathering is bound to be filled with heated political conversations, it's best to keep Turkey Day chill by imbibing low levels of cannabis all night long. Get yourself some locally-available edibles that you can add to your dishes (with your guest's consent, of course) to keep the mood high and bellies full this holiday.

Honey Pot CBD and IndicaEXPAND
Honey Pot CBD and Indica
Adrienne Airhart

Sweet Taters

No Thanksgiving would be complete without sweet potatoes, and roasting them with cinnamon and honey take them to that next level. A suggested starter dose of Honey Pot CBD is a teaspoon, so do the math (before consuming cannabis) on the amount of people at the table. More than likely the honey will be more of a drizzle than a marinade for this variation. CBD is also a great way to combat an over-indulgence of THC so don’t worry about dosing too high with this dish.

Pop Naturals Premium C02 OilEXPAND
Pop Naturals Premium C02 Oil
Adrienne Airhart

Terpy Turkey Time

You don’t need to mess with a traditional turkey rub to add cannabis to the bird — it’s as easy as squeezing decarboxylated oil onto an already-cooked bird as a garnish. Pop Naturals is a clean and solvent-free oil primarily used for vaping, and notoriously implemented in the treatment of side effects caused by chemotherapy. It doesn’t need to be heated, and with 500mg in each syringe you’ll want to be stingy with the application so your guests don’t float off into another dimension. Unless you want that.

Jane’s Brew Cannabis Infused PowderEXPAND
Jane’s Brew Cannabis Infused Powder
Adrienne Airhart

Wavy Gravy

Jane’s Brew makes a cannabis powder that you can add to many recipes. A single packet of the powder contains 20mg, prepared with both CBD and THC depending on whether you want the euphoric effects or not. Once you’ve made your gravy, pour a packet or two in and stir it well — you don’t want someone to get a chunk of this super potent powder and perhaps start speaking in tongues. The flavor shouldn’t be affected too much, but if you’re tasting some cannabis, you can always add a little more turkey fat to tone it down.

The Herbal Chef’s Basil PestoEXPAND
The Herbal Chef’s Basil Pesto
Adrienne Airhart

Pesto Party Potatoes

The Herbal Chef has paved his way as a creator of fine dishes incorporating low doses of cannabis, and his basil pesto is no exception. With jalapeño and mint, each 5mg cube is created as a single person’s dose, giving a ton of flavor without an overwhelming amount of cannabis. Pop this basil cube in the blender, add some olive oil and voila, you’ve got basil pesto perfect for using in a roasted garlic basil pesto potatoes with arugula recipe.

Pura Vida First Love Gramola
Pura Vida First Love Gramola
Heather Hoffman

Stoner Stuffing

The stuffing is important, but who says you can’t put a new twist on a classic? Add some medicated granola to your stuffing recipe to give it a kick (a caress, really) and keep your family members happily sedated and honestly quite impressed with your culinary ingenuity. With 250mg per bag of Pura Vida First Love Gramola, which is the equivalent of 10 doses, you’ll want to apply the “less is more” mentality since most of us can house a plate of stuffing without assistance and come back for seconds.

Moonshine THC
Adrienne Airhart

Celestial Cider

Crowd pleaser and nostalgia-inducing Apple orchard punch and other apple-based ciders are a fantastic addition to what is usually a boozy Thanksgiving meal, but instead of making it a cocktail, make it a pot-tail (sorry). Each bottle is 250mg, so pour just a splash in each drink for a little oomph. The cannabis in this drink is tested by SC Labs and includes “a full spectrum cannabinoid profiling and analysis utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (True Holistic Co).” Get into the holiday spirit with some ganja hooch equivalent to heaven in a bottle.

Kiva Bites Espresso BeansEXPAND
Kiva Bites Espresso Beans
Adrienne Airhart

Cosmic Chocolates

Kiva has became a household name in the cannabis community, and the L.A.-based company prides itself on its 5mg chocolate covered nuggets that are the perfect consumption amount for those who want to relax without losing their bodies in the sofa like loose change. The caffeine in the chocolate covered espresso beans perks you up for what is always a long night of feasting. These are also a great tester to give someone who’s never tried edibles before to see how they react. Remember, you never truly know someone until you’ve seen them on edibles.

While it’s not recommended that you make every dish with cannabis, if you decide to do so be sure to use the smallest dosages possible and space out their consumption. Remember that you can always eat more, but you cannot eat less. And really, why would you want to? Be thankful you live in a state where you have access to such incredible treats, crafted by people who truly want you to feel good.


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