Romney/Bud Light
Romney/Bud Light
via Barney's Beanery

Cast Your "Beer Votes" at Barney's Beanery Tomorrow Night

It's that time of year again. Months of handshaking and politicking are about to coalesce into a single sweeping turn of the cogs of democracy. Yes, we are referring to Barney's Beanery's quadrennial "Beer Vote," which allows customers to vote for the candidate of their choice by choosing the beer tap assigned to them. (Apparently, there's an actual presidential electorate going on, so don't forget to vote.)

This year Barack Obama will be represented by Blue Moon, while Mitt Romney will be represented by Bud Light. We know, not exactly the two best choices (the beer, the politicians) but just like candidates hustling to please Midwestern swing voters, so Barney's select its beers based on mass appeal. Last election, John McCain was Stella Artois and Obama was Bud Light. Go figure.

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Order a beer from either tap, which will have the candidate's face plastered to it in case you forget, and one "vote" will be registered. The tally is kept by the staff at all of their 5 locations (Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Burbank, Westwood, Pasadena) and posted through social media and on TV screens along the bar, with the winner announced at the end of the night.

Barney's might be no Nate Silver, but according to the restaurant, they accurately predicted the winner last time around. It might get a lot more interesting though if other craft beers could be selected as third-party candidates, even if they didn't have much of a chance to win. Doesn't the Peace and Freedom and Beer Party sound like something you would join?

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